National Pickle Day: The Dillest Day Of The Wonderful Year


National Pickle Day is a national celebration held each year to recognize one of America’s favorite snacks: pickles! On this day, People gather together on this day to enjoy and appreciate these crunchy, briny treats made by preserving cucumbers in vinegar or brine solutions with spices added for their unique and tangy flavors. From sweet and sour varieties to spicy varieties and homemade creations, National Pickle Day gives pickle enthusiasts a day dedicated solely to this beloved and flavorful food item.


Pickles have been part of culture throughout time. One early instance dates back to 2030 BC in Mesopotamia, when migrants from northern India brought seeds for pickling into the Tigris valley region. Pickles take their name from the Dutch word for brine, and became popular foods 4,000 years ago after cucumbers from India first made it over to Europe and North Africa. Cleopatra attributed her beauty and youth to pickles; today no pensioner can go without picking one up in some parts of the world and pregnant women often crave them alongside ice-cream as part of their pregnancy-related cravings!

The National Pickle Packers Association (NPPA), formed in the United States in 1893 to educate consumers about the health benefits associated with eating pickled cucumbers, was later rebranded Pickle Packers International (PPI).

In 1949, The Pickle Packers Association created National Pickle Week to increase consumption and sales of pickles. Held annually across the US, activities included selecting a Pickle Queen and liquor-flavored invention of pickles as well as floating in an enormous vat filled with pickles!

National Pickle Day Timeline

  • 1893

    National Pickle Packers Association (NPPA) was founded in United States.

  • 1948

    McDonald started using regular dill pickles on their burgers.

  • 1949

    Pickle Packers Association created National Pickle Week.

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