National Girlfriend Day : A Celebration of Love and Friendship


National Girlfriend Day, celebrated on August 1st every year, is a special occasion dedicated to appreciating and honoring the bond between girlfriends. This day is not limited to romantic relationships, as it celebrates all forms of female friendships and the support, love, and camaraderie they bring to our lives. Whether it’s your best friend, sister, or significant other, National Girlfriend Day provides a perfect opportunity to show gratitude and celebrate the cherished connections with the wonderful women in your life.

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Name of the eventNational Girlfriend Day 2024
Day and DateThursday, August 1st 2024
AimTo celebrate the special bond between girlfriends
OriginOriginated in the United States in the early 2000s
Different Countries CelebrateUnited States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, South Africa, China,  Italy, Spain, Mexico and Sweden
Cost of GiftsAverage cost of a gift for National Girlfriend Day is $50.
Most Popular GiftsFlowers, jewelry, and gift cards
Number of People Who CelebrateOver 1 million people
Social Media [Hashtag]#NationalGirlfriendDay
National Girlfriend Day Dates1 August  2023: Tuesday
1 August 2024: Thursday
1 August 2025: Friday


Research suggests the origins of National Girlfriend Day can be found in the United States, where it first gained widespread acclaim during the early 2000s. While originally meant to recognize romantic partnerships and commemorate shared affection between partners, in time it has come to honor all types of female friendships, providing women an opportunity to recognize strength and support found among each other.

Stories of the origin of National Girlfriend Day

Mistress Susan Story: According to this tale, National Girlfriend Day was founded by a woman named Mistress Susan, who operates a luxury website. In 2004, she initiated and celebrated this date as an opportunity for gal pals to express gratitude and appreciation towards each other.

Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield’s Story: Another story suggests that the day was created to promote the book “Girlfriends Getaway” by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield, Published in 2002, the book encourages women to prioritize self-care and spending quality time with their friends.

Whatever its roots may have been, National Girlfriend Day has now become an annual way of showing our gratitude towards special women in our lives – whether that means your significant other, close female friend or just yourself! Take some time on August 1 to show her just how much we value their presence in your lives!

Facts about National Girlfriend Day

  • National Girlfriend Day may not be as widely observed as certain other holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but its popularity is steadily increasing.
  • When it comes to celebrating this day, there are no strict official guidelines to follow. Instead, you have the freedom to choose activities that you believe your girlfriend would cherish the most.
  • Numerous popular ways to mark National Girlfriend Day include presenting her with flowers, chocolates, or thoughtful gifts; taking her out for a lovely dinner or an enjoyable movie date; planning a special shared experience, such as a scenic hike, a delightful picnic, or a pampering day at the spa; expressing your affection through a heartfelt letter or poem; or simply spending quality time with her, letting her know how much she means to you and how deeply you appreciate her presence in your life.
 National Girlfriend Day

Timeline of National Girlfriend Day

  • 2004

    Mistress Susan establishes National Girlfriend Day to provide an opportunity for female friends, commonly referred to as gal pals, to express their appreciation and gratitude towards each other.

  • 2006

    Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers launch to promote National Girlfriend Day.

  • 2010

    National Girlfriend Day gains popularity as people embrace creative ways to express their appreciation for their girlfriends.

  • 2018

    National Girlfriend Day, observed on August 1, becomes a trending topic on social media with the hashtag #NationalGirlfriendDay.

  • 2022

    National Girlfriend Day, celebrated on August 1, inspires people to showcase their appreciation for their girlfriends through innovative gestures, both in person and virtually.

Facts and Statistics

  • 6 – On average, women have a handful of best friends during their lifetime.
  • 1 in 10 – A significant number of women confess to having more fun with their best friend forever (BFF) than with their partner.
  • 47% – A considerable percentage of women wish they could spend more time with their best friend.
  • 1 in 4 – A notable portion of women believes that their best friend knows them better than their partner.
  • 67% – Women invest a larger portion of their time in improving their romantic relationships compared to their friendships.
  • 23 years – The average friendship length for women over 55 is notable and noteworthy.
  • 2% –  A small number of people claim to have no close friends.
  • 86% – A significant percentage of women state that their girlfriends have been instrumental in helping them through tough times.
  • 92% – An overwhelming percentage of women say that their girlfriends make them feel better about themselves.
  • 89% – An astounding percentage of women say they would be utterly lost without their girlfriends.

These figures demonstrate the immense significance of female friendships. Girlfriends offer crucial support, love, and companionship, making a genuine impact on our lives. National Girlfriend Day presents an excellent chance to express gratitude to the women who enrich our lives with love and unwavering support.

The Significance of Female Friendships

A. Embracing Support and Understanding

Female friendships are often characterized by an unparalleled level of support and understanding. Friends become pillars of strength during challenging times and provide a shoulder to lean on during moments of joy and sorrow. They offer an empathetic ear and unbiased advice, making these bonds invaluable in navigating life’s ups and downs.

Fun fact about National Girlfriend Day

Here are additional intriguing tidbits concerning National Girlfriend Day:

  • The designated color to symbolize National Girlfriend Day is pink.
  • The inaugural celebration of National Girlfriends’ Day took place on February 28th, 1994.
  • The favored method of commemorating National Girlfriend Day is by spending quality time with your girlfriend, be it through an outing or simply unwinding at home together.
  • National Girlfriend Day is a fairly recent holiday, yet its popularity is steadily increasing with each passing year.

The Role of Technology in Modern Relationships

1. Virtual Date Ideas

Technology has revolutionized how couples interact, especially in times of separation. Virtual date ideas, such as watching movies together online, playing games, or cooking the same recipe while video chatting, can help maintain a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance.

2. Staying Connected through Social Media

Social media platforms enable couples to stay connected throughout the day. Posting cute messages for sharing photos of memorable moments can be a delightful way to celebrate National Girlfriend Day.

3. Online Relationship Challenges

While technology facilitates communication, it also presents challenges. Miscommunication through texts or the lack of physical presence can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Hence, it is crucial to balance virtual interactions with in-person connections whenever possible.

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

Plan a Day Out – Spend quality time together by planning a fun day out. Whether it’s a shopping spree, a picnic in the park, or a spa day, the key is to focus on each other’s company and create lasting memories.

Exchange Thoughtful Gifts – Surprise your girlfriends with thoughtful gifts that show how much you appreciate their presence in your life. It could be a heartfelt letter, a personalized item, or something that reflects their interests and passions.

Host a Girls’ Night – Organize a girls’ night in or out, depending on everyone’s preferences. It could involve watching movies, playing games, or simply sharing laughter and stories over dinner.

Support a Cause Together – Consider giving back to the community by engaging in charitable activities. Volunteering together for a cause you’re all passionate about can strengthen your bond and make a positive impact.

Take a Trip – Plan a weekend getaway or a short trip together. Exploring new places and experiencing adventures as a group can create unforgettable memories.

The Power of Female Friendship

  • Overcoming Challenges Together – Female friendships have a unique ability to help women overcome challenges with renewed strength and resilience. The emotional support provided by friends can be a powerful tool in conquering life’s obstacles.
  • Building Lifelong Memories – Memories created with girlfriends often last a lifetime. From childhood friends to college buddies to colleagues, the experiences shared together become cherished stories passed down through the years.
  • Nurturing Personal Growth – True friends inspire personal growth and self-improvement. They encourage each other to pursue their passions, conquer fears, and be the best versions of themselves.
  • Celebrating Individuality – In genuine friendships, individuality is celebrated and embraced. Friends appreciate each other’s unique qualities and encourage authenticity.

Top 5 Female Buddy Movies You Should Watch

  • Thelma and Louise (1991): A timeless classic that follows the gripping journey of two women on a road trip, which takes an unexpected turn when they are forced to confront a dangerous situation. This powerful film showcases the strength of female friendship and the journey to empowerment.
  • Bridesmaids (2011): A hilarious comedy that revolves around a group of women who come together as bridesmaids for a wedding. Filled with laughter and heart, this movie beautifully portrays the bonds of female friendship and the humor that arises from their misadventures.
  • Booksmart (2019): A coming-of-age comedy that follows two high school girls on a mission to experience an unforgettable night before graduation. This funny and heartwarming film explores the essence of female camaraderie and the quest to find one’s individual path in life.
  • Girls Trip (2017): An uproarious comedy depicting the escapades of four friends as they embark on a wild trip to New Orleans for a weekend of fun and adventure. This movie celebrates the unbreakable spirit of female empowerment and the unyielding support they offer each other through all situations.
  • Peanut Butter Falcon (2019): A heartwarming tale that follows a young man with Down syndrome on his quest to become a professional wrestler. Along the way, he forms a profound friendship with a girl who is also on the run, and together they embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and compassion.

Stories of Power of Female Friendship

  • A woman who was diagnosed with cancer found that her friendships helped her to cope with the diagnosis and treatment. She said that her friends were always there for her, offering support and encouragement. They helped her to laugh, to cry, and to feel loved.
  • A woman who was struggling with her mental health found that her friendships helped her to get better. She said that her friends listened to her when she needed to talk, and they offered practical help when she needed it. They helped her to feel connected to the world and to believe in herself.
  • A woman who was going through a divorce found that her friendships helped her to start over. She said that her friends were there for her when she needed to cry, and they helped her to find her way back to herself. They helped her to feel supported and loved.

These are just a few examples of the power of female friendship. Female friendships can provide us with support, love, companionship, and a sense of belonging. They can also help us to cope with stress, to make difficult decisions, and to achieve our goals. If you are lucky enough to have female friends in your life, cherish them. They are a gift.

5 Best Wishes Messages for your girlfriend

  • You are the most amazing girlfriend a girl could ask for. I love you more than words can say.
  • I am so grateful to have you in my life. You make me laugh, you make me think, and you make me feel loved.
  • You are my best friend, my confidante, and my soulmate. I love you more than anything in the world.
  • I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are the most amazing woman I know.
  • I love you more than words can say. You are my everything.

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National Girlfriend Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the special bond shared between girlfriends, regardless of whether the relationship is romantic or platonic. It’s a day to express love, appreciation, and gratitude for the invaluable presence of girlfriends in our lives.

Whether you plan a surprise date, create a scrapbook of memories, or simply spend quality time together, what matters most is the effort and love you put into celebrating this day.

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