National Deep Dish Pizza Day : April 5th

Imagine a pizza with a super thick, buttery crust more like a pie shell. Now fill it up with layers of melty cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and all your favorite toppings. That’s deep dish pizza! It’s a Chicago specialty known for its hearty size and over-the-top richness. Unlike flatter pizzas, you eat it with a fork and knife, savoring each delicious bite.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day Featured

National Deep Dish Pizza Day is a special celebration dedicated to honoring the iconic Chicago-style pizza. This delicious dish features a thick crust, piled high with cheese, toppings, and rich tomato sauce. On April 5th, National Deep Dish Pizza Day offers pizza lovers a chance to indulge in this unique culinary delight.

National Pizza Day, observed on February 9th, also highlights the diverse world of pizza, but National Deep Dish Pizza Day specifically pays tribute to the deep-dish variation. Whether you’re a fan of traditional thin crust or prefer the hearty goodness of deep dish, this day is a perfect excuse to savor a slice of pizza pie!


While the exact origins of National Deep Dish Pizza Day are a bit saucy, it’s likely emerged in the 2010s as a delicious ode to Chicago’s iconic deep-dish style. Some say it was passionate pizza fans, while others whisper of marketing magic by Chicago pizzerias.

Regardless of its birth story, the day has risen like a perfectly baked crust, becoming a beloved occasion to celebrate this unique and cheesy pizza. So, grab your fork and knife, and get ready to dive into the rich history (and even richer flavors) of Deep Dish Pizza on National Deep Dish Pizza Day which is celebrated on April 5th every year!

Deep dish pizza, born in the Windy City of Chicago, boasts a history as unique as its layered construction. Though the exact inventor and date are debated, most agree it took shape in the 1940s. Some credit Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo at Pizzeria Uno, while others point to chefs at rival restaurants like Gino’s East. Regardless, pizza lovers craved something heartier than the New York-style slices, and deep dish answered the call.

This “pizza pie” features a buttery, tall crust, filled with layers of sauce, cheese, and toppings – a reverse order compared to its flat counterparts. Its long baking time meant waiting an hour, but the reward was a shareable feast perfect for Chicago’s cold winters.

Over the years, variations like stuffed pizza emerged, further solidifying deep dish as a culinary icon. So, next time you dig into this cheesy masterpiece, remember its rich history and the Windy City ingenuity that brought it to life!

How to Celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day is your chance to honor this delicious Chicago-style masterpiece. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Indulge In The Real Deal
  • Get Creative In The Kitchen
  • Gather Your Crew
  • Spread The Love
  • Deep Dive Into The History

Indulge in the real deal: Head to your favorite local pizzeria and order a deep dish pizza piled high with your favorite toppings. Don’t forget to grab extra napkins – cheesy goodness awaits!

Get creative in the kitchen: Feeling adventurous? Challenge yourself to make your own deep dish pizza at home. Experiment with different crust recipes, sauces, and toppings to personalize your pizza masterpiece.

Gather your crew: Throw a National Deep Dish Pizza Day party! Invite your friends and family over, order different deep dish varieties, and have a cheesy potluck. Don’t forget the drinks and pizza-themed games!

Spread the love: Share your deep dish pizza experience on social media! Use #NationalDeepDishPizzaDay to post photos, videos, and reviews of your pizza adventures. Encourage others to celebrate this delicious day with you.

Deep dive into the history: Explore the origins of deep dish pizza. Learn about the rivalry between Pizzeria Uno and Gino’s East, and discover other legendary Chicago pizzerias. Your appreciation for this unique pizza will grow deeper.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember the true star of the show: the incredible, thick-crusted, cheesy goodness of deep dish pizza. So grab a slice, dig in, and savor the flavor!

National Deep Dish Pizza Day Facts

Interesting Facts about Deep Dish Pizza

Do you want to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of the delicious Chicago classic, Deep Dish Pizza? Let’s find out some facts!

Not-so-Italian origins: While pizza has Italian roots, Deep Dish Pizza was born and bred in Chicago, likely in the 1940s. The exact inventor is debated, with Pizzeria Uno and Gino’s East vying for the title.
Built for the Windy City: The thick crust and hearty fillings were a response to Chicago’s cold winters, providing a warm and filling meal.
Pizza pie, not slice: Unlike its flatter cousins, Deep Dish is often baked in a deep dish pan, resembling a pie more than a traditional pizza.
Layers upon layers: Forget sauce on top! Deep Dish features a reversed order: crust, cheese, sauce, and then toppings.
Fork and knife required: With its depth and richness, Deep Dish is best enjoyed with utensils, not folded in half like New York-style slices.
A cheesy masterpiece: Deep Dish boasts mountains of melty cheese, often mozzarella, making it a haven for cheese lovers.
More than just pizza: Variations like “stuffed pizza” exist, featuring an additional layer of dough on top, creating a truly enclosed cheesy dome.
Slow and steady wins the race: Baking a Deep Dish takes longer than regular pizza, sometimes up to an hour, due to its thickness and fillings.
Friendly Rivalry: There’s a friendly rivalry between Chicago deep dish pizzerias, with fans passionately choosing their favorite: Pizzeria Uno, Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, the list goes on!

Past and Upcoming National Deep Dish Pizza Day Dates

EventDateDay of Week
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2023April 5th, 2023Wednesday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2024April 5th, 2024Friday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2025April 5th, 2025Saturday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2026April 5th, 2026Sunday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2027April 5th, 2027Monday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day 2028April 5th, 2028Wednesday


National Deep Dish Pizza Day, celebrated annually on April 5, commemorates the iconic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Invented in 1943 by Ike Sewell, founder of Uno’s Pizzeria. This savory delight has sparked passionate debates between New Yorkers and Chicagoans. While New Yorkers favor their thin slices, Chicagoans savor the thick, cheesy layers of deep dish pies. Whether you’re indulging in a classic slice or baking your own, this day celebrates pizza’s delicious depth and variety.

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